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Superconducting highly efficient energy transformation

The aim of the network is to develop new products, processes and services in the field of superconductor technology, especially from the point of view of synergy effects through the use of liquid hydrogen LH2 as a coolant and as a storable energy carrier.



With the European "Green Deal", the goal of climate neutrality was set for the year 2050. In the course of the energy turnaround necessary for this, it is increasingly necessary today and in the future, in addition to the fundamental conversion to resource-saving processes, to design the entire process from energy generation to the consumer as sustainably as possible and thus minimise greenhouse gas emissions. On the one hand, this includes the efficient design of conversion processes, for example in the generation of electrical energy from renewable sources or in innovative drive concepts. On the other hand, topics such as minimising losses in electricity transport and energy storage, as well as the necessary stabilisation of the grids, are irrevocably linked to efficiency issues in this context. One technology that has great potential with regard to the points described above is superconductor technology. Superconductors are materials whose electrical resistance abruptly approaches zero when the temperature drops below the so-called transition temperature. Superconductor-based cables can transport electricity without losses, provided they are cooled to sufficiently low temperatures by appropriate systems. The current density is many times higher than that of conventional cable materials with the same cross-section, such as copper or aluminium. Together with the fact that superconducting cables, unlike standard cables, are completely electromagnetically and thermally neutral to the outside and do not affect the environment in any way, this represents a decisive advantage of superconducting materials. In the case of pure transmission lines, this has a direct effect on the required construction space and route widths.


A cross-sectional technology such as superconductor technology, which can contribute to substantial energy and resource savings as well as to the optimisation of existing grids and an ecological grid expansion, offers a multitude of new solutions and applications. The aim of the network is to develop new products, processes and services in the field of superconductor technology, especially with regard to synergy effects through the use of liquid hydrogen LH2 as a coolant and as a storable energy carrier.

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Your advantages in the network SupraHEET

Access to new markets
& participation in the creation of new supply chains

Gain access to new markets and expand your business areas.

International contacts

Expand your contacts internationally and launch joint European funded innovation projects.

Industry insights and strategic partnerships

Network with relevant contacts in the industry and benefit from insights and joint projects.

Securing the future in the long term

Innovation promotes the long-term existence of your company on the market and makes it fit for change.

government-funded R&D projects

Be at the forefront of this future topic and mark your role as an innovation leader.




These partners are already benefiting from the collaboration:

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We are looking for you!

If you are active in the sectors of electrical machines and systems, pneumatic pumps, system integration, in the field of hydraulics or vacuum technology, renewable electricity or even more aspects in those sector, we are looking forward to working with you in our international network SurpraHEET. We are always on the lookout for SMEs, research institutions and large companies that want to commit to the future of superconducting technology.

You would like to realise innovations in those fields, to increase your know-how and secure competitive advantages? Then you are welcome to become a member and to benefit from our networking events, mutual exchange on specific topics and thereby contributing to a greener future!


A competence network of EurA

The network is managed by EurA AG. EurA is the market leader in the management of high-tech networks. The company operates across Europe and supports start-ups and medium-sized companies in successfully implementing and establishing their innovations in order to make them the market leaders of tomorrow. More information at


EurA AG Headquarters Ellwangen

Max-Eyth-Straße 2 | 73479 Ellwangen (Jagst) | Germany | +49 7961 9256-0

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Network Manager

Dr. Knut Behnke

+49 173 5868445

+49 431 5569 3911

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Network Manager

Dr. Jochen Lach

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